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Adding Your Coupon is FREE. If you're a medical collective or recreational dispensary or if you have a store or website that sells weed related products , adding your coupon to our site is free and easy. Every coupon that you add is good for 14 days. You can add as many coupons per day as you would like (within reason, lets not be spammers). And you can add new coupons everyday. Is 14 days not long enough for your coupon to be displayed? Have your coupon featured on the sites homepage for a week, a month or even the whole year, it's up to you! Sound good? Then contact us for details.
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  • Please add the location of your offer to the end of the title. Example: Donate for 1 Gram of Hash and Get 2nd 1/2 Off (Equal or Lesser Value) (Los Angeles)
    You can select what kind of coupon this is for and your location.

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