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We offer 3 kinds of advertising for Medical Marijuana Collectives and Dispensaries on

1) Add Your Coupon

The most basic way is to add your coupon or coupons to the site. Adding your coupon will make it searchable to all users and available for anybody to print and use.

2) Banner Advertising

Now that youve got a coupon on the site, maybe you want to highlight it and promote it more. A banner in the header next to the logo is a good option. There is only 1 banner displayed at a time and the total numbers of banners in the rotation is limited so your banner will be seen often.

3) Featured Coupon

Make sure that everybody sees your coupon with a Featured Coupon. The featured coupons are displayed in a large display box at the top of the page. You cant miss it. The featured coupons are also displayed in the right side-bar on every page as well, with 5 random featured coupons being displayed in a list. The total number of featured coupons is limited so your coupon will be seen often.

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